Friday, 16 August 2013

Outdoor Hoops For The Basketball Enthusiast

Imagine Saturday mornings after breakfast, or any weekday evening after a long day of school or work, heading out to the driveway or backyard for a quick game of hoops with family or friends. Relieve stress, get in shape, and just unwind more often with your own outdoor hoop that's ready for you whenever you need it. With the general message in the media these days being one of a more active lifestyle, a basketball hoop is one easy way to ensure you're taking care of yourself in that arena.
With the number of options that today's busy consumer has in front of them, two things can happen. One, you can easily become totally overwhelmed and be lead into the wrong choice, or no choice at all - you'll just never quite get around to adding that outdoor hoop to the backyard. Two, and much better, with a little research and comparison, you can find just the right hoop for your home with a little bit of help from a friend or salesperson who knows about outdoor hoops. The time that it takes to ask the right questions of yourself and the salesperson assisting you will pay great rewards over the lifetime of your new hoop.
There are many choices in styles, sizes, and materials used in basketball hoops. All are available as a complete unit, to include hoop and net, and sometimes a pole. If you would like your outdoor hoop to mount right to the side of your home, that is also a choice that is available to you. Wall mounted units easily attach to any pitch roof, and many have the option of an adjustable height with an easy to use hand crank. If you don't need the height adjustment for your wall mount unit, there are fixed height backboards and hoops to choose from.
Portable units are quite popular for homeowners who have more space out in the front yard or who need to play on the street in front of their home. These units come with a base that can be filled with sand or water, a pole and the complete backboard with hoop and net. It can take a little practice getting accustomed to the base sticking out close to the net, but all in all this is a great choice because the hoop can simply be rolled out to the street and back up again after the game.
Materials used to make outdoor hoops are weather resistant and able to withstand the elements of several different climates, from sun to snow. Tempered glass backboards are the choice of professional institutions, but there are also choices such as steel, which is vandal resistant, and fiberglass or acrylic. All of these are viable choices for the home basketball court and come in a wide price range.
One last thing to take into consideration when purchasing your new outdoor basketball hoop is the manufacturer's warranty. Sales associates at local stores can assist you with the basics of the warranty on a potential unit. Warranty information can also quickly be found online.

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